Two brand new beers, meetings and lots of visits to bars and pubs!

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Our Christmas Ale, Jingle My Bells is now available in both keg and cask so get your festive orders in now! It is a ruby red ale made with Admiral and Waimea hops combining to produce a nice blend of orange citrus and pine which we think nicely suits the festive period! We also finished our first Double IPA which was put into 5 litre kegs as samples and sent off to Sweden as part of a tender process so hopefully all will go well there! Come next year we will be looking to produce the DIPA on a larger scale so we will keep you updated on when it will be available to all.

We had representatives from ABUK and Moravek over on site this week to discuss the progress and installation of our new keg plant and shiny new 60 barrel fermenters. We are very excited to get the additional fermentation volume and even more so for onsite kegging which will help massively in getting our beer from us to you. It should all be in place and running come spring time so we will also keep you updated on how that get on too!

With the very busy period of Christmas upon us, we have been out on the road every day with all vans, some doing several trips, not that we are complaining that we are busy mind you! Ian was out with the guys visiting venues that stock our beers in Thirsk, Whitby and Scarborough, thanking them for their continued support and listening to feedback on our beers. All feedback is very important to use as it is all taken on board and will help shape the future of our beers moving forward. If you do have some feedback on our beers then please let us know.
(We prefer positive only though ?)


Ian and Steve

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