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We are delighted to announce that we have a new account manager in our team. Say hello to Arron! He joins us with a wealth of experience throughout the industry and he has a great passion in beer, beer making and beer drinking! We thought we would ask him a few questions on the subject of beer to get to know him a bit more –

So what is your first clear memory of beer?

When I was a teenager, I used to go to Keswick with friends and every time we went we would get, even though we were too young to so, Stones Bitter to drink, we all loved it! In more recent times I used to work for a guy who brewed at Bass and helped with the brewing of Stones, so nice to think that he made the first beer that I ever drank.

What is your favourite brewery at the moment?

I’d say Brew By Numbers at this moment in time, purely because they have a great range and they are all fantastic, I haven’t had a bad or average beer by them. Whenever I go to my local beer shop, I have to get a beer by them, really enjoying 11|03 at the moment. I should give a special mention to Beavertown, as it was their beer, Bloody Ell that helped open up all different kinds of beers to me.

What were your top 3 beers of 2017?

In no particular order – Bread and Butter by Vocation was a staple beer of mine last year and as the name suggests, is a good solid beer. Kiwi’s Playhouse by Brooklyn was such an eye opener in how weird, unusual and amazing beer can really be. I was fortunate enough to attend a night hosted by Garrett Oliver where he took us through some incredible creations of his, and that really stood out. Espressway by 2 Roads was a real surprise for me. I don’t normally go for stout style beers, but this was absolutely wonderful.

What is your favourite hop?

Mosiac, as it’s my favourite hop in my favourite style. I should give special mentions to Vic Secret and Aurora. All fantastic hops that make beers even better!

What is your favourite style of beer?

Session American Pale Ales, purely because I like hop forward beers but that I can drink plenty of and there are lots to try. Higher ABV IPAs are great, but I can’t drink as many of them!

What is your favourite beer of all time?

11|10 by Brew By Numbers. It’s a Vienna Session IPA and it is brilliantly balanced, fresh, crisp, bitter, all boxes ticked, excellent tasting IPA. I used  to drink this a lot when I lived in Sheffield, but when I moved away couldn’t get it anywhere. Then when visiting Leeds I came across it in a bar, and there were two left. I bought one, leaving the other because I needed someone else to be able to enjoy how good this beer is!

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