SIBA BeerX 2018

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As you may have seen via our Instagram page, we were in attendance at SIBA’s BeerX 2018 in Liverpool. It was a really great couple of days, with talks on all things beer and the industry to trade exhibitions and panel discussions.

The first day we arrived with a full schedule of all the seminars and talks that we felt would best benefit us as a relatively new brewery, with any talks that clashed divided amongst us and plenty of notes taken! First off some very in depth talks on wild yeast and sour beers, followed up by all things bacteria and then into new beer styles to look out for in the coming months, plenty of inspiration in that one. Later on in the day we took in seminars on how to drive the brewery forward with different sales strategies and also utilising the brewery space itself (further supporting the idea to have the brewery tap refurbishment pushed ahead as soon as possible, Brewery Tap). Throughout the day many people within the industry were spoken with, from yeast cultivators, malt suppliers to tap handle manufactures and canning experts. Everyone was very passionate about their line of work and all incredibly helpful, with us hopeful that some of the contacts we made will allow us to explore new avenues and do some exciting things.

The second day was similar to the first day but with a few less seminars and a lot more meeting with people in the trade exhibitions. We attended a very good talk on the use of social media and it’s ever growing importance within out industry, something we are fully aware of and always trying to utilise.  There was also a very decisive but incredibly thought provoking discussion on sexism within the beer industry. It will continue to split opinion on what is and isn’t acceptable within the beer industry, specifically names of beers and images used to promote them, and where the line should be drawn (if at all). We at Beer Monkey are incredibly thoughtful of everything we do to ensure that we keep within our own moral lines, and this discussion certainly reassured us that our lines are well placed, but being open to other people’s thoughts and opinions is always very important to grow and learn.

The entire experience of our first BeerX was very worthwhile with plenty of good information gathered, great people met and cracking beer drank, all of which was inspiring to us to go on and make more, different and wonderful beer.

Thank you SIBA and till next year!


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