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Yesterday we racked our new limited edition beer, under the name “Valhaller”, into cask.

The 4.8% Munich Helles style lager is very much what we hoped for when putting together the recipe. It is a malt forward beer which is seen all the way through beer with some good bits of bread, grain and toast on the palate. Just at the end you get a small bit of floral from the Hallertau Hersbrucker hops used, which are very well balanced by the malt profile, with low bitterness.

We are in the process of brewing a further two batches which will be used to carbonate and keg, so we can have it in it’s full form as a Munich Helles, all of which should be ready for the start of June and certainly in time for the upcoming World Cup!

Get yourself a pint on cask in one of our many stockists, including the brand new Potting Shed Harrogate (opening May 24th) and on keg at one of our Shooters BEC partnership sites.


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