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Welcome to our brand new blog (and website)

Every week or so we will post updates on what has been going on at the brewery, new things coming up or anything we think may be of interest to you within our world, the beer world and beyond (to us guys it will be interesting at least!).

In this, our first post, we thought it would be good to say a little about ourselves, where we’ve come from as a brewery and where we plan on going.

So the beginning! In June 2017 we acquired an amazing site in Skipton, North Yorkshire (for those unaware of this beautiful market town), along with some very incredible brewing equipment, a fantastic team and so we set about brewing great beers. Our first task was just to create a core range of beers that would, hopefully, become the staple of the brewery. We wanted a range that not only represented us as beer makers but also that represented the surrounding landscape of both where we set up but also the beer landscape that surrounds us all. With that we chose Blonde Rogue, Evolution Pilsner, Uncle Monk’s IPA and Bitter Revival, all are our take on classic styles that covered a wide spread range of beer drinkers. We feel these beers pack bold flavours that can be enjoyed by all.

We then needed a name for the brewery which we felt represented us as best as possible and had the ability to take us in whatever direction we chose to go. We trawled through many, many names and ideas from the completely abstract to references to Skipton and its history and surrounding areas, but none of which we quite felt encompassed all we wanted in a name. However, we eventually had an idea which we all loved and ticked every box and we became Beer Monkey Brew Co! The illusive and mythological (for us anyway) creature that visits you in the night after a few too many! We felt, that although a little tongue in cheek, it represented who we were and what we wanted to achieve and most importantly ourselves – playful, humorous and sincere. That isn’t to say that we don’t take brewing and beer seriously, trust us, we do, but those traits are something we want to inject into our beer, brewery and brand. We love beer, we love brewing and we certainly want to have fun whilst creating our beers!

So moving forward, we have plenty of ideas swinging about in our minds (see what we did there?!) and with our core brands now being stocked in pubs and bars and continuing to grow in output, that is giving us the opportunity turn those ideas into reality.

We have just kegged and casked our Christmas special, Jingle My Bells, a ruby red winter ale and we have just started fine tuning our first plus 5% beer in the form of a Double IPA by the name of Emperor, which we plan to launch at the start of next year. Around the same time, we will also have cans and bottles of our products available to go, so you can enjoy our beer at home as well as at the pub! From there, its onwards and upwards with new beers, plenty of ideas and events involving ourselves and hopefully many others for you to enjoy.


Ian & Steve

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