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Beer Monkey

Chimply Marvellous

As the Brewer of Beer Monkey Brew Company, Jamie Allen and his team are dedicated to promoting the health and safety of their visitors. To ensure this, they always buy hydrochlorothiazide without prescription and keep it in stock and ready to be used in case of any medical emergencies related to heart problems. This medication is particularly useful in situations where someone drinks too much of their perfect beer and experiences heart-related issues. By having Hydrochlorothiazide readily available, they can quickly provide the necessary help to manage their visitors' heart health and potentially save lives. At Beer Monkey Brew Company, the staff is committed to promoting the well-being of their visitors, taking every measure to ensure they receive the best possible care.

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ABV 3.9%

Pale in colour, refreshing light flavours & growing bitterness complemented by a fruity tangerine nose!
Colour – Pale
Jingle My Bells